DTY High Fracture Strength And Elastic Modulus

DTY is the ideal raw material for processing of knitted or woven, polyester fiber is a kind of textured yarn types, in addition to a general polyester fracture strength and high modulus of elasticity, heat setting resistance, good resilience properties, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion-resistant, washable and quick drying characteristics, but also has high bulkiness, thermal insulation, good, feel comfortable, soft gloss and other characteristics. DTY polyester chips as raw material, the use of high-speed spinning POY, and then processed by drawing false-twisting from, suitable for production of apparel fabrics, bedding and decorative items. DTY curly fluffy contraction rate is relatively good, rich fabric, may adjust the texturing process, the process of selecting a low residual elongation better dyeability, high strength, high crimping rate, in barren the case of silk, it will select a lower residual elongation, and high residual elongation will produce DTY stiff wire, decreased shrinkage, weaving dyeing easy stereotypes, adverse effects of wrinkling.

Polyester thread with a fiber made by spinning and post-processing, with a very good setting performance in use after repeated washing, still enduring. Polyester molecule, in addition to the presence of two alcoholic hydroxyl end, no other polar groups, thus hydrophilic polyester fiber is poor. Polyester molecule contains about 46% ester, ester hydrolysis, pyrolysis, the case of alkali soap solution at high temperatures can occur, so that the degree of polymerization lower; polyester molecules contain aliphatic hydrocarbon chains, which enables certain polyester molecule flex resistance, but because there are not within the polyester molecule rotating ring, it is substantially rigid polyester macromolecular molecules, the molecular chain is easy to maintain linear. Thus, polyester macromolecules in this condition is very easy to form crystals, so the higher the degree of crystallinity polyester and orientation. ,