Three Reasons For One Minute To Grasp The Fabric Pilling

Fabric characteristics pilling

Cotton is not easy to play ball, why? Wool on cotton fabrics because the ball will be in the process of washing and friction, and gradually fall off; and fiber than cotton fiber strength large and high toughness, so play after the ball is not easy to fall off, over time the hair bulb has stubbornly stayed on clothes, it seems particularly obvious.

Summary sentence: the affirmation of pure chemical fiber pilling, wool will play ball, blended fabrics (such as cotton, polyester / rayon) will play ball. Cotton and silk is not easy to play ball.

Special note: If you are very sensitive bedding pilling, the proposed purchase of cotton, silk fabric type products.

Static friction from the ball

We sleep at night wearing pajamas, underwear and bedding friction prone to static electricity, static electricity easily absorbed foreign particles generated from the ball.

To remind, at night clothes, cotton or silk recommended it.